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Song won't play depending on how it is referenced

Song won't play depending on how it is referenced



I just wanted to share some odd behaviour I just noticed on my Windows Spotify client. Some time ago I had liked a song from a spotify radio stream, so Spotify added this song to my Liked from Radio playlist. So far all was normal, but while playing the Liked from Radio playlist I noticed it kept stopping at a certain song. This song would play for 1-2 seconds and then stop with 'Can't play track' message.


So I clicked the Album link and tried to play it there. Didn't work.


Maybe the cache is corrupt? So I exited spotify, deleted everything in my storage folder and retried. Didn't work.


So I tried playing the same playlist from my mobile phone which inadvertently was set-up to play the song on my desktop client, surprising my Desktop client started playing the song. Tried playing the song again from the desktop client, didn't work.


Searched the song (exact same song in the exact same album) again and played it via search. It worked!


Played the song again from Liked from Radio playlist, still not working. Removed the song from playlist and re-added this, works perfectly.


So... I don't know much about the inner workings of playlists, but this doesn't really add up for me. Anyway now I've fixed it I can't reproduce it anymore, so this is more a bit of feedback than an actual help question. Hope it helps some one 🙂





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