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Songs Randomly Pausing Online Mode

Songs Randomly Pausing Online Mode







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Windows 10

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Songs will randomly pause every few moments whether or not I am in the app or in another window. I have already tried reinstalling Spotify, signing out of all devices, and updating Windows. My earphones are not the culprit because they can't interact with Windows multimedia, and the issue persists with other playback devices. Not sure what else to do. 

Just discovered it only happens while Online, how do I resolve the issue? I have 90 Mb/s and a wired connection. I have tried changing streaming quality to no avail.


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Is there any solution at all? Can I report this bug to Spotify itself?

Again still waiting for some sort of support, how do I contact Spotify? I'm paying for Premium, so it's kind of frustrating.

Hey @ophlee - help's here!


Fist off, could you try reinstalling the app, but making sure to follow the relevant steps listed for your device in this Spotify Answer?

If that doesn't work, can you make sure you've tried downloading both the file on the Spotify website and the one in the Windows Store?


If you've tried both and you're still experiencing this issue, could you try connecting to a different network and seeing if it makes a difference?


Thanks - keep us posted!

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