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Songs don't play on one account but they play on another account [DESKTOP]

Songs don't play on one account but they play on another account [DESKTOP]




United Arab Emirates


Lenovo Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hello! I've had this spotify account for nearly 3 years and have been using the desktop app for 2 out of those 3 years. Until 3 months back, I could listen to any and every song on this app/account but now I can't listen to certain songs? When I'm playing a playlist and "xyz" song is up next, the song is stuck at the 00:00 mark and if I press play on that song in the album, it does not play? Due to this I can't listen to 80% of the songs in my playlists or in the albums I want to listen to.
Until last month I thought it was a problem with my app but I made a new account, logged into the SAME desktop app with that account and turns out I can play ALL the songs that I couldn't play on my other account? This definitely means it's not an app problem but an account related one 😕
This issue only exists on my desktop app; all songs play when i use the web player. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and checked my firewall and done a lot of other stuff too but nothing has worked so far
I've googled a lot to find a solution but can't find any,,, please help!!
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Hi there @notsasha


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this. 


You mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but would you mind going through the steps of a clean reinstall, as it's more thorough than a normal one? Additionally, make sure to download the app again from the Microsoft Store.  


If this doesn't do the trick, could you check if you have entries containing Spotify in your host files and delete those?


You can follow this Solution for instructions.


Keep us posted.

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my app won't clean reinstall 😕 when i try it, it just shows the "uninstalling" message but it never uninstalls

Hey @notsasha,


Thanks for the reply.


Could you try to force-stop the uninstallation process by going into Windows task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut > Start task manager)


Close all Spotify processes you see, and try to uninstall the app again after that.


Keep us posted on how you get on.

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