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Songs keep getting added to Liked Songs

Songs keep getting added to Liked Songs







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yesterday i clicked on a link of an artist to get a preview of his new album (to get the preview i had to login to spotify), the album released today. But since it came out, all songs from this album just keep getting added to my liked songs playlist (the one in which the songs are that you marked with a heart). When i remove them from there, they get added again like 5 minutes later. I have also tried relogging in, changing my password, but they just keep getting added to my liked songs playlist every single time.


Nothing seems to help...





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Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out to us. This doesn't sound right and we'll help you out.


Can you start off by logging in on your Account page and going to ''Apps'' in the menu on the left side? 


There you can see all third party apps that are connected to your account and we'd recommend that you "Remove Access" for the app that you linked your account to get the preview of the album.


It's also a good idea to remove access for any apps that you don't recognize.


Let us know how it goes! We'll be here if you have any questions.

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Hello Elena, 


thank you very much for your answer. The problem solved itself after 3 days or so, when the songs got added to my liked songs slower and slower until they didnt get added anymore. It was very strange though. 

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