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Songs not playing to public.

Songs not playing to public.






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 Having opened a spotify account (STP Records), and uploaded some of my label releases, after 3 days people are telling me they cannot play any of the songs i have uploaded for those albums. New to spotify so any help appreciated on how people can hear what i am posting on my page.

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Hey @STPRecords.


Could you send us the URI or link to the album or songs this is happening to?


Also, have you reached out to your aggregator or distributor about this issue?


Keep us posted.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

Thanks for the message Alfredo, all new to me this Spotify lark, the albums loaded to my page are my own record label releases but people are telling me they can't play any songs and they are showing as empty yet the 8 albums i have uploaded to my playlist play no problem for me.

STP Records (51sekzbgjfti2epa0zqk1ln6m)

Have also reached out to spotify artists help email as well as all im after is people to be able to play the music i release.


Thanks for getting back to us with this link!


I can see this is a playlist created from your account STP Records. As I couldn't find a link to the album, I think you're only creating playlists using the local files on your device.


If this is the case, the local files will only play on the device where they're saved to. If you want to have a label or artist page, I suggest checking the information here.


Once you contact an aggregator or distributor, and they set up the page with your label's music, you'll be able to claim the page, and continue managing it. The aggregators and distributors are in charge of making your content available to all users on Spotify.


I hope this helps you set everything up.


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

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