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Songs "Unavailable" in playlists

Songs "Unavailable" in playlists

A recent Spotify update has removed the ability to play local files that synced with unavailable songs in playlists. Local files are seen and can be played, but they would usually sync with the "unavailable songs" on playlists. Now it doesn't seem to be the case. Is this a bug?

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This happened to me yesterday.  All local files no longer "matched" to unavailable songs in Spotify database.  The matching has worked for me for years, and suddenly they are all unlinked.  Local files still there and play, but don't display info from database anymore.  These database tracks are now greyed out for ALL of these files, even though the metadata matches perfectly.  This is across the board, including iTunes downloads.  This happened suddenly yesterday.  No changes made on my end.  If this is a bug and the "matching" feature with local files just no longer works, it's a pretty big deal.  Again, local files are still there, but now NONE are matching the Spotify database.


Bumping this as well because we need an answer.  Has the matching feature for local files with unavailable tracks in the database been discontinued?  If so, can we get it back?  If this is a glitch, will it be fixed?  Please help!

Got a Spotify update today and the issue was not resolved.

Something "broke" in the Local Files system a couple of weeks ago, and people seem to be having various problems.  But there is no adequate explanation.  This sudden end to the matching feature, which has ALWAYS been functional before a couple of weeks ago, is particularly egregious, yet nobody seems to know the real deal.  Somebody did say "It is not possible to match local files to the Spotify database," acting like this was some strange new concept and apparently unaware (or choosing to ignore) that this has been a standard feature since, like the earliest days of Spotify.

Bumping this so as for this thread to get attention. This issue needs to be resolved!

Can confirm issue exists on macs as well. Posted over there and didn't get an answer.

I have the same problem.


I followed a way to solve this problem. I installed a Windows version of Spotify It works in an interesting way! Local files and songs in the playlist match each other. To synchronize with your Android device, you also need to find an old apk of Spotify.


I don't know why Spotify has done this without any explanation, but if it removes this feature, I might consider canceling my Premium membership. Because the sound quality of some of the albums released by music companies is bad and I want to listen and synchronize from my own archive.


On both the mobile side and on the Windows side, I think they know that this change appears to have been disabled by new versions. I hope that whatever they have caused them to make this decision, they'il stop!

Nothing has changed. The problem continues..

Spotify update today - problem not fixed!

Still no solutions?

Another thread on the subject was moved to "under investigation."  We'll see.

Spotify update again today - problem still not fixed!

They say that "going forward" they will not be supporting this feature.  I used some colorful language replying to that.  What an asinine decision!

Well, that's absurd. Why is it as such?

I can see my itunes playlists in Spotify but all the songs in them have disappeared.  These are locally stored tracks. I can play them from itunes on my phone but Spotify lists the playlist but can't play the songs anymore. 

Is this the same issue under discussion here?

Not sure why this has suddenly stopped working... easy-ish workround but I like to stay in Spotify as my one music player.

Check your Local Files folder.  The tracks should all still be there.  You will have to assemble new playlists from there.  It is still possible to play local files, but in their infinite lack of wisdom, Spotify decided to stop matching local tracks that are otherwise unavailable to their own database...which was a ridiculous decision since it was such a functional, desirable feature.

So there's still no explanation on why the feature was removed?

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