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Songs randomly skipping to next song in playlist on laptop and iPhone

Songs randomly skipping to next song in playlist on laptop and iPhone

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: Thinkpad Laptop / iPhone 7

Operating System: WIndows 10 / iOS 12.1.2


This morning the Spotify app on my laptop installed an update and ever since, songs are randomly stopping and skipping to the next track. This also appears to be happening in the app on my iPhone 7. It doesn't matter if I'm connected to a bluetooth speaker or playing out of my laptop or phone speakers - the result is the same. Songs don't play to a certain point and skip; it's random. And frustrating! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both devices and this has not fixed the issue. Crossfade is off, so that's not the issue either.


Spotify and friends, is there a fix for this issue? Thank you!


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Same here bloo. I select a song, say, the first on an album and it plays ~5 seconds and moves on to the next. If I play the song ahead of the one I want to hear, it will sometimes play the song I want to hear next, but again it is very random. This started recently and I've probably run a update, but uninstalling and running the command prompt to check the priority of the playback device but that doesn't work. It's not the same song either, as though the song file were corrupted on the Spotify side. It's something I can make regularly occur. Time for this to be reviewed, I can provide additional info to support if needed.


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