Songs sound metalic


Songs sound metalic

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Windows 7


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Hey guys and gals, my issue since a few days is that every song i play - it just sounds like someone sings into a tin can. This problem only occurs on my PC. I have spotify on my android and everything is fine so far. It also only happens to be a spotify specific problem because youtube e.g. sounds normal. I couldn't find any topic in the community forum cause the search is not really that helpful to say it nicely. 


I tried a clean install, reboot, changing the quality settings and what not. My internet connection is working perfectly so i'm pretty annoyed by this. 

Would appreciate any help 🙂



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Re: Songs sound metalic

Casual Listener

i just fixed it?!?!?!?


i am listening with headphones and have them plugged in by the front plugs of my pc. i put the headphone plug into the microphone plug and back into the audio out and it seems to work now???? so i think my pc plug has a bit of a attitude because i'm using the same headphones on my android.