Songs unplayable on desktop and web but ok on android app.

Songs unplayable on desktop and web but ok on android app.





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Windows 10 and Android 10


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I have recently created a playlist of songs which I was able to play on my Android phone and web player but when trying to play through the desktop app, some songs are greyed out and also none are playable on the web player any longer. My main issue is not being able to play them on the desktop app.


Previous 'solutions' suggest deleting the cache but this option is not available on the desktop app.

Screenshot (17).png

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Hey there @dylanthomasuk!


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community!


From your screenshot we can see that these songs are uploaded in the app as Local files.


We'd recommend re-uploading them on the desktop app with the steps here. It's also a good idea to check the file of the grayed out song on your PC.


When it comes to the web player, right now it's not possible to play local files on that platform yet.


If you'd like to see it happen, you can suggest it on our Ideas board so that it could get support from other users as well. Take a look at this page to see how to post an Idea.


Hope this info helps. Let us know if you have other questions.

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