Sound quality between wrapped and application


Sound quality between wrapped and application








Operating System

(Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

 So as I went to check my spotify wrapped 2018, I noticed that the sound quality when I play songs on that is much higher/(louder?) than the quality I have on my desktop app. I can clearly tell because I had my desktop app open, and where I can choose devices that are available, the two choices were My pc, and "Spotify Wrapped." Switching between the two of them I can notice a pretty big difference in quality, not only does spotify wrapped sound louder while the volume is the same between the two "devices" but it also somehow sounds better, more defined.

Things I've tried are:
enabling high quality streaming (It's been enabled for months anyway)

disabling high quality streaming

Turning off hardware accelleration (and restarting)

Turning off normalize volume setting

Checking my windows sounds settings


If it helps my headphones are Logitech G430, and there are some surround sound settings on them on the software, however turning it off/on is completely different in quality than what I'm thinking of.


Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!