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Spotiamb 2.1.5 stopped working

Spotiamb 2.1.5 stopped working

Plan Premium

Country Canada

Device Compac PC

Operating System Windows 7

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I use Spotiamb in conjunction with the Spotify Windows Application. I found the Spotiamb had a much better sound quality and I could control it with global hotkeys on my keyboard.


Recently Spotiamb has stopped working; it only plays a few seconds of music and stops.


Yes I know about Spotiamb being used for hijacked accounts, but I never had that problem, why should I pay for others not being able to secure an account. Yes Facebook appears to be related, why anyone would use Facebook to authenticate other services is beyond me, yes let's let Facebook know what else I use and pay for, so they can peddle me more of it.


Why do I care? When I get a phone call or someone walks into my office I don't wish to mouse around looking to pause the music. The Global hot keys in Spotamb take care of that. The purpose of spotify is to play music shouldn't the sound quality be foremost or is good enough just good enough. To answer that question we can all see where good enough sound quality has gotten satelite radio.

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Hey there @pboom2,

thanks for posting in the community !


As Spotimab isn't part of the official Spotify app and is being used for intrusive acts on Spotify accounts a response to these kinds of apps isn't part of the Spotify community.


However, if you have any questions regarding the Spotify app usage, features, content or anything else you wish to know, we're here to help and provide guidance.


Have a great weekend 😃

Thanks, OneByBoo for taking the time to reply.

I guess you are telling me I will not find help on the Spotiamb application on these forums, and I need to accept the sound quality as is. For those who never tried Spotiamb when it was still working it did have much better sound quality.


So let me rephrase my question, Does anyone have a suggestion on how to improve the sound quality from Spotify? Considering I am streaming at 320 BPS, I would expect better sound quality. Does anyone have experience with a client, software or hardware that gives better sound quality?



Hey there @pboom2,


You can check out this help page on audio settings to get all the answers needed.


Have a great day 😃

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