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Spotify for Windows keeps crashing & is very slow

Spotify for Windows keeps crashing & is very slow

- Win 10 Pro x64 Creators Update
- Spotify - Premium Account

- lots of local files ~ 60.000 files


I have a clean Windows 10 installation and I also reinstalled the newest version of Spotify but when adding my local music-folder spotify lags enormous and also crashes the whole system, Windows restars, unsaved files are gone...

I really like Spotify for Windows but it cannot handle my music-folder and keeps crashing the system. Compared to Groove Music which handles also large music libraries easily, for me it is clear that Spotify should be improved in handling large local file labraries, especially the system crashes are not acceptable...

So what should I do to solve these issues?

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As far as this issue can be isolated, I have to state that this problem seems to be related to the Windows Creators Update (because I did not encounter these freezes and crashes before this update) in combination with larger local music libraries managed by spotify for windows.


At the moment it is not clear wheter Microsoft or Spotify or both have to fix this issues...

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