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Spotify App - Skipping All Songs

Spotify App - Skipping All Songs







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Hi There,


I am having an issue with the Spotify App on Windows 10.

I have a "Roland Rubix44 USB Audio Interface" plugged into my computer, into which I have plugged my headphones.

I recently changed my motherboard, CPU and RAM and did a clean re-install of Windows 10. Before this the App worked with my USB Audio Interface no problem. Not sure if that's related or if it could be to do with the Windows re-install.


The device appears to have installed correctly - I get clear sound from Windows, all other games/apps I have installed, including the Spotify Web Player through Firefox. However, when I use the Spotify Desktop App and try to play one of my Playlists then the App skips through all of the songs one-by-one without playing anything. If I try to play an individual song, it says that "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have a file on your computer you can import it."


If I switch my default device to my monitor's speakers however, then the Spotify App works. So I think it must be some issue between the App and my USB Audio Interface.


I have tried:

1. Restarting my Computer

2. Quick Re-Install and Clean Re-install of Spotify

3. Disabling Hardware Acceleration

4. Setting Stream Quality to Normal

5. Unchecking Exclusive mode for all my sound devices.

6. I have the latest driver installed for the Rubix44. Link here:


Can anyone help? I'm not sure what else I can try to get the App working.





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Thanks, I'll try that.

I have been experiencing the same issue this whole week.  The desktop app was working fine last week but now it is not working.  Skipping through all songs without playing anything.  I can't play any playlists, individual songs or CD's or even radio stations. 


I am using the Spotify version on Windows 10.  I tried un-installing and re-installing on different days.

Same for me but it keeps playing music. Worked nice but now the desktop app only stream to one output device (in my case my speakers).

If I switch to my headphone Spotify keep playing on my speakers.

If I use the web app or other apps/games everything switch as intended. Only Spotify is stuck on one output device.

Hey @DidyZ 


Windows 10 allows to assign audio output for separate apps - in Windows' Sound settings. Scroll down in there, click on 'Other Sound Options' to reveal 'App volume and device preferences'.


I think Spotify might be stuck with speakers as an output. Try setting it to default or what you're currently using, then restart Spotify.

Let me know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

Cunthead mods closed this thread without it actually being solved:


Just like all the other dozens and dozens of problems with Spotify across a number of platforms, this is an old issue that keeps repeating and is never fixed.


Absolutely cannot wait for another service to jump ship onto. A service that doesn't ignore every single one of their problems and requests, while letting their entire library wither and die.

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