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Spotify Connect stopped working on streaming device

Spotify Connect stopped working on streaming device






HP Laptop

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Windows 10


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The Spotify desktop software no longer plays through my streaming device via Connect. The device appears briefly as a Connect option. The software is trying to connect to the streaming device which is indicated by the application flickering at the bottom of the screen.

I am able to use Spotify Connect via a Windows 7 PC, Android phone and via the webplayer.

I have re-set the router on my network and this made no difference. 

Anyone else experiencing similiar problems?



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All of us switching accounts is NOT a solution.. Obviously there's a bigger issue here they need to acknowledge it. 

Until this is fixed I suggest everyone with this issue please report it at

Describe the issue, and from a different browser tab copy the link of this community thread into the chat.

I just did that but still lost the chat window, so not sure if my issue was logged as a bug as I initially suggested to them. They will probably also ask for the version so be prepared to copy that into the chat as well.


try spotify, its fixed issue for me.

I agree, switching accounts is NOT a solution.. but it will fix it for now and hopefully give them info on where the issue might come from.


To update you all.
I did contact them and got a replay fast but they wanted to know more, (lets try the basic stuff first) after a view mails and some stuff trie, they asked me to try there test account.
And everything was fine on the one!

So now they are going to switch my account.

Spotify worked for me. However, the desktop software is now suggesting that an update is available.



Spotify is not fixing this. I spent an hour speaking to them and was forced to make a new account. Really not happy, and Spotify are being silent on this.


If yours is broken you will be forced to make a new account, there's no way around it. But of course they won't tell us that here. I was told all users with this issue will have to go through this process.

What does "make a new account" mean exactly, especially if we login through FB? Do we lose our playlists?

You have to make a new account and they transfer your playlists but you lose your play history, your premium has to be transfered over and if your premium is through a phone contract.. well good luck with that. Took me 2 hours to sort 😞


No clue what happens with facebook login, probably more complicated? I had to have my old account deleted completely. 


It's ridiculous they aren't even saying a word on this.

Went downstairs to check my personal PC (I am working from home on my work notebook) and noticed that it was working with version (Spotify_v1.0.86.337). I tried 1.0.73 and all latest versions with no success.


I have uninstalled the versions I was testing on my work machine and restarted, and then did the install for Spotify_v1.0.86.337 and then restarted again. Other versions of old Spotify versions i downloaded had file names like "SpotifyFullSetup" or "SpotifySetup", and these did not work. The Spotify_v1.0.86.337 filenamed version seems to be having better success.


At this stage, it seems as though it is "working" unlike earlier this morning. I have been closing the app off and restarting, going back to "This Computer" and then toggling back to "Spotify Connect" and it's still connecting to these devices straight away.


Just a thought that might be worth looking at.


Windows 10, Spotify Premium (Family Member), Melbourne Australia.

Yikes, not even going to bother, given that. The strangest part is that it works occasionally, before breaking again. This issue was nonexistent before the most recent update, so if they can break it, why can't they fix it? Unfortunately, I'll be using the inferior browser version until this is fixed; if it's not, I guess it'll be time to say goodbye after almost 7 years...

Totally agree.


It was working works fine with the old version (before the forced upgrade) and I don't know why they just can't fix it.


I have had to try and stop the autoupdate as well. So far so good, but really...i shouldn't need to do any of this.

I can see my two speakers listed as available devices.  when I click on them nothing happens.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice...  after each install it works fine... but then when I turn on my computer again it does not work... back to sqaure one. 

rinse and repeat....


It works fine on another computer with no issues.  Both computers have the same version


i installed yesterday its fixed my issue, also i removed this version yesterday and installed from windows store again. still working with new version. idk my account fixed or using this version fixed my issue


nvm its broken again lol

They can't be serious. I pay Premium for my friends, so I can't just "switch" to a new account without breaking**bleep**, too.


I will downgrade and see if that fixes the issue.

We have the same problem.  I chated with their support for a half hour.  They do not seem to have a solution.  They did however agree to report the problem to their higher technical group.  I would suggest that more people report the issue to get their attention that the pc software has a fundamental problem with win 10.

When speaking to Spotify before I was forced to make a new account they said it's an account specific issue and there is no fix.


Everyone just needs to contact support, they seem unwilling to comment on this or respond in any way. It's utterly ridiculous.

What seemed to do the trick for me was turning off hardware acceleration. I turned it on again after and it still worked. The next morning after phone and desktop reboot it still worked. Not saying this is the fix, but it didn't work before that and did after...

@Boeman wrote:

What seemed to do the trick for me was turning off hardware acceleration. I turned it on again after and it still worked. The next morning after phone and desktop reboot it still worked. Not saying this is the fix, but it didn't work before that and did after...


I just turned this off on my machine that auto updated the app and it now connects to all devices straight away.

I will keep monitoring this.

Interesting Find... This may actually work...


Problem was still there today...


I just logged out into my Spotify account and clicked "Sign out of Everywhere".


I then logged back in on the computer with the issue and was able to get my WIFI speakers through Spotify Connect working again. 


Perhaps there is a conflict when multiple devices have been controling the speakers???  Not sure but it just worked.... now for some further tests...



Test #1: I will reboot the machine and see if it still works....  Rebooting now...

Result: Yup... still working.... 


Test # 2: log into spotify from my main desktop and try Spotify Connect....

Result:  Perfect... works from main desktop


Test #3: Go back to problem machine (I will restart it again while main desktop running spotify connect)

Result:  Still working!!!!


Conclusion:  This has only worked now for 15 minutes with a few tests so I may be back tomorrow if the problem comes up again...  but for now it seems there is a CONFLICT somewhere with all the devices that have been using Spotify.  Log into your account...  Under Account Overview... Sign Out Everywhere.


Done 🙂


I tried that yesterday and nothing.

But today, i noticed that my home machine downstairs upgraded to the latest version again and it was still working.

I removed the hosts file changes and re-installed new again...and it has now been working fine all day.


I don't know what to believe anymore. All I know is that it's working again with the latest version with hardware accelration enabled.

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