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Spotify Crashing and Going Slow

Spotify Crashing and Going Slow

Spotify app starts up fine but after a minute or two of playing a song if I attempt to go to a different playlist, artist or album the app becomes extremely slow, or just doesn't load. I have to close the app but then if I try to open it back up it says 'The Spotify application is not responding.' Just to get it to open again I have to open Task Manager and 'End Task' for the 3 Spotify background apps. Even then this keeps happening after every song/album/artist.  


My internet connection is fine (30+ Mbps), my Windows 10 is up-to-date, uninstall does not help. 

I've turned off Hardware Acceleration to see if that helped, it didn't.

Turned off all Local Files, didn't help either. 

My current version: 1.0.50


This is getting frustrating and unusable.

Is there anything else I could try to fix this or are others also getting this problem?

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If you've already restarted your device, you should delete and redownload your spotify app, or even log out and log back in.

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