Spotify Desktop Windows CRASH


Spotify Desktop Windows CRASH

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I try so hard to find out which is your support telephone number, couldnt find it.

I thought i was checking in to a Mexico Community, so i guess not.

I thought that i was going to find a solution quickly, i am going to need to wait to someone see this post.

I thought i was going to write in spanish, obviously, im not.


What did i do?

Start the computer, open Spotify in my Desktop, my OS (operative system) is Windows 10.


What happend?

CRASH, Collapse, Close, Shutdown, no error message, it was the only open program, nothing else.


So i start the program again, after less than a minute, maybe a minute, two minutes... crash again, and so on and on ... so i decide to write this post (i was trying to talk to a human before cancel my premium service).


But i feel happy today so why dont give it a try.

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Re: Spotify Desktop Windows CRASH

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Hey there @gdesarrollos and welcome to the community!


Let's try to troubleshoot this. Have you tried a clean-reinstallation of the client? It usually fixes most issues, simply follow the steps in the guide to do it properly.


Hope this was helpful!



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Re: Spotify Desktop Windows CRASH


I have the exact same problem, shuts down instantly over and over again. This is not a new bug in your program, it's been around for 4 years, maybe even more. Why is this not fixed yet?!?!?


Re: Spotify Desktop Windows CRASH


The same situation I"ve.