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Spotify + Discord = No Bueno

Spotify + Discord = No Bueno

So, Spotify usually runs no problems. However, as soon as I join a call on Discord, the sound mutes itself. It shows the song is playing, but it doesn't broadcast the sound. I've fully uninstalled and reinstalled both apps, I've checked my volume mixer, I've tried to use push-to-talk, nothing works. Please help a gal out. Thanks.

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Hey @trinnies


The culprit might be Windows Communications setting. That, when enabled, will mute or turn the volume of audio playback to barely audible when it detects an incoming call. 🙂

You can try disabling it:

1. Find the speaker icon on Taskbar again. Right-click on it and select Sounds.
2. In the opened window go to Communications and set Windows to do nothing.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

The culprit is NOT windows.
It's the partnership between discord and spotify.. it's a PITA.. I'll be listening to spotify on my way to work, and the fan noises from my mic will sometimes cause discord to activate (because i stay in channel on discord until i get to work, and switch over there)

The issue with this, is spotify has demanded discord notify them when someone's mic is on, that way they can stop the playback of spotify on ALL your devices.

If spotify is linked to your discord (so others can see what you're listening to) then you're going to suffer this annoyance.

Spotify has deemed it "inappropriate" to listen to music, and talk at the same time, reguardless if the music is audible in the voice chat or not.

Exactly! I know this thread is older but today while in my kitchen (using headphones) my spotify kept pausing every 30 seconds because there was in a discord call taking place all the way upstairs on my office computer.

100% no chance of the microphone picking anything up.

So is the spotify position that none of my linked devices can be using the discord service while any of my other linked devices uses spotify? Very non-user friendly.


Im having this EXACT same issue. I felt like i was going insane until i read this. They need to fix this asap. I cant even listen to music for 2 seconds without it getting turned off by discord. the most annoying thing ever.

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