Spotify Downloaded player not playing songs


Spotify Downloaded player not playing songs

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled spotify on my pc a number of times now and the issue , where songs wont play and it wont always connect to my phone. Songs often just wont play with no error issue showing, just stuck at 0.00 seconds, even if you fast forward it still won't play. each time it seems to be random and not the same songs or playlists, I have to reinstall spotify to get them to play. 

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Hi there @Aegon17,

thanks for reaching out !


I would suggest using this Spotify answer to perform a clean reinstall of the app.

It a different process that might just do the trick for this issue.


However, please make sure that your system is fully updated, audio drivers are as well and that there aren't any anti virus/firewalls blocking the Spotify app from working properly.


Hope this helps.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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