Spotify India, your ads are getting out of hand!

Spotify India, your ads are getting out of hand!


This message is for Spotify India. What kind of blokes are you guys employing to make your ads? Your cheeky females get on my nerves! There are people of all ages, high status and reputation listening to music on your platform, and those women have the guts to address you with terms like "Bro" and "Dude". I mean seriously? Where are your ethics?! You're teaching the Indian youth that using such cheap terms with people is completely normal and therefore, encouraging them to be disrespectful. Whoever these genius ad makers are in your company should be fired real quick before they bring down your platform. I wouldn't want a 10 year old girl to walk up to me tomorrow and call me "Bro". I'll make sure the people notice your disrespectful treatment to users. Just a gentle reminder that your platform is just one of the many.


Regards, disrespectful people.





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