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Spotify Premium stops playing at random.

Spotify Premium stops playing at random.






Dell i7 Laptop

Operating System

Windows 8.1


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 My Spotify randomly stops playing music. The progress bar continues as if it is playing but there is no sound. If I attempt to change tracks it starts giving me the 'cannot play...' blue error message. I have attempted closing and reopenning Spotify, this includes closing the components in the task manager, and signing out and back in to windows. I've also turned off high quality and hardware accel. The only fix is to reboot my computer. I have tried reinstalling, uninstalling and reinstalling. Neither has fixed the issue.

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Hey there @FaherWh0,


Sorry to hear you're having this issue.

As a first step, i'd suggest checking your Spotify app on a different WiFi network to see if issue is still accuring.


If not, this might be caused by out of date drivers on your OS.

Please run you Win update program to check for new updates.

In addition, check that the audio drivers you're using are updated as well.

In far worse cases and if all of the above isn't helping, i'd reccomand reinstalling you audio drivers as it might help solving the issue.


Waiting to see how you did 😃

Unfortunately this did not fix the issue.

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