Spotify Refuses to Open since Latest Update (Windows 8)

Spotify Refuses to Open since Latest Update (Windows 8)


Yesterday I was listening to music as per usual when spotify informed me that I could "Click here to restart and update Spotify!" All merrily and such, and so I figured what the heck, and I did it. But right after I clicked on that fateful update button -- lo and behold -- Spotify crashed!


I've had this happen somewhat before, but minus the update. What's happening is I click on the pinned Spotify icon on my Windows 8 HP Envy laptop, and it floats like it's going to be a dear and open up for me. But it doesn't. It fades after a couple seconds. If I go to Control Panel, spotify.exe is running in "BACKGROUND PROCESSES" about three times, even when I only tried to open it once. My computer has been restarted twice and off for the night, and it's still no better.


I've tried uninstalling Spotify, and it will not work with me. Every time I try it it tells me to "Wait until the selected program has finished uninstalling." ...Sorry Windows. No. It's not even Uninstalling. Liar.


I also tried re-downloading Spotify just now and nothing happened there, either. I could run the installer just fine, but after it went through the scrolly green bar of installing, it disappeared and we were back to square one. That would be lovely.

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