Spotify Shuffle - I'm sick of it.


Spotify Shuffle - I'm sick of it.


I've had it up to here with the shuffle function. I've been hearing the same ~20 songs over and over again over the past 2 weeks out of a playlist of 350. This is not random. I've always kind of heard the same songs but it flew over my head. Now the shuffle algorithm is being extremely aggressive with the same songs playing over and over and over again. If I got to the point where I can point my finger at which songs are playing over and over again and are always being pushed to the top of the queue we have a problem.


I'm honestly considering leaving. There are so many complains regarding this issue and it seems like nobody from the spotify team gives a ****. Just make the shuffle shuffle, instead of having "smart song selection" or whatever you may call it. And if it does, it should be good enough so people aren't bugged by it. Improve it quickly enough, or just make the shuffle algorithm just shuffle the songs in the playlist and play the shuffled list.


I tried to post an "idea" or an "ongoing issue" but the UX of this website is so bad I can't even figure out if I am literally able to post one, so I posted my "cry for help" here.


A company that doesn't listen to it's customers is doomed to fall somewhen.

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Re: Spotify Shuffle - I'm sick of it.


You're **bleep** right ! Me and about fifteen of my friends just think the same, this "smart shuffle" is just **bleep** ! Spotify team should at least add a switch toggle where you can enable or not this smart shuffle and if you don't you just get a REAL shuffle, and tbh as a developer myself I don't understand how difficult it is to sort random songs out of a list of songs... I understand the marketing and sh*t of "if we give you song you like to listen to then you will stay longer on our app" but honestly i'm just fed up of listening to the same songs over and over when I've got +1500 songs linked to my spotify account...

Pls do something team, or I'll leave to join the big D.