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Spotify Skipping every song, not playing for more than a second


Spotify Skipping every song, not playing for more than a second

I just installed Spotify onto my brand new lenovo laptop and copied my backup from my old laptop over. These problems started immediately after I copied my backup over so I think it has to do with that as I previously had spotify installed on my old laptop. I went and reinstalled spotify completely, running CCleaner after uninstallation, then reinstalling it and it still won't play any songs. Just skips every song and no matter what it is. I went and deleted spotifys storage folder and cache folder manually then restarted spotify, still didn't work. Unchecked all of the checkboxes in preferences including hardware acceleration and it still won't work.


Any help would be appreciated otherwise I'll have to cancel my premium subscription before it renews this month


Running Windows 10 home edition

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Thanks "Polvda" 

That really helped i did exactly what you said because everything else was not working.

Then i opened up spotify again and it played music! 









i can verify this solution still works today, 03.04.2018! thank you

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