Spotify Win7 Pro 64bit, NOT WORKING W T F!


Spotify Win7 Pro 64bit, NOT WORKING W T F!

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Windows desktop app on Win 7 Pro 64 bit machine, quad core, 8 gigs RAM, checked no driver issues for sound/video. Did the app update recently and now its crapped out. Tried fresh install, multiple times, still nada. Just opens up, spinning wheel of death, then stays that way forever. When I run task manager it shows 3 instances of Sportify 32bit running. Close those, re-open app same thing happens all over again. Tried turning off 'Hardware Acceleration' - nada. **bleep** Spotfy, if I can't use this on my desktop media center with home theaer than its uselss as I hardly use it on the go. Contacted support [which is hard as **bleep** to do btw, holy cow] been waiting for days with no response. Bueller? Bueller?

Some 'update' you guys did there, jeez louise. Fix this garbage app now please!
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K read a bunch of blogs and applied common sense from prev install issue of **bleep**ty programs run by **bleep**ty companies. Since the update all went to **bleep**, so its the new version of Spotify. So here's my fix, hope it works for you. And rightly so I told Spotify 'support' in Indiabekistania to go **bleep** themselves right in their useless arses, for days I've been trying to get an answer to this problem. Jeez louise:

1. Uninstall spotify on current Windows PC, run registry cleaner if you have it
2. Try not to punch screen, breathe, everything will be ok
4. Install this version of Spotify on your Windows PC
5. Run Spotify
6. Login to Spotify
7. Check music is all there [locally saved might not be, this is prob normal]
8. Go to settings, disable all updates
9. Put on relaxing music, feel good about yourself
10. Tell Spotify support go **bleep** themselves in their useless arses for not helping you