Spotify Window suddenly acts like current

Spotify Window suddenly acts like current


The title may be confusing i guess, but anyways, Here's the problem with spotify i have been having for probably a year now.

i have spotify in the background playing music, then when using another application, the spotify window suddenly appears and acts like its the current window. its not selected or anything, but it shows up as if you clicked it down on the taskbar. so yeah, this is really annoying as it happens within all apps, and games. it doesnt happen frequently or anything. maybe like twice a day or something. but its still annoying as hell as you can imagine. ive been in so many scenarios where i was playing and suddenly couldnt see anything cause spotify would show up. anyone seen this? or is it just me. 


before anyone asks what i would personally call stupid questions, here are some info:


while ive had this problem i have reinstalled windows twice (this not being the reason of course)

updated everytime i got the message too.

recently got new hardware and it still happens.


its also worth mentioning i dont have premium


(How ironic, typing this and the window suddenly showed up and blocked my view)


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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


It sounds like you might be experiencing a known bug which is outlined in this topic.



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although i appreciate the fast feedback, theres no help in that post 😕 hope it gets fixed soon. should have been a year ago IMO


I never considered it a bug, if you know what I mean.

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