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Spotify Won't play some songs on PC or does not show any music in playlists.

Spotify Won't play some songs on PC or does not show any music in playlists.







Operating System

Windows 10

 My Question or Issue

Most songs can't played on desktop app. Also some of the spotify playlist's has no song in them even tho I can play them on Mobile. I can see the songs on Web browsers but still can't play them.
Restarted my pc / router. Reinstalled spotify, changed some settings and still no fix.

And my friends activiy is not working 😕
Zoom in the picture to see the details.


Note: Removing Spotify entries from hosts file solved the issue.


12 Replies

I'm having the same issue, and I've tried the same things as you. Everything's working fine on mobile but on PC half of the songs can't be played and some playlists have only a few songs. I'm in Brazil, Windows 10, Premium plan.



Well message me if you find any solutions. I basicly can't use the app at the moment.

I have the same issue

Well, Complete reinstall fixed the issue for me so far.

I tried 3 times and it didn't worked for me 😞

This is happening to me to, reinstalling helps but it does the same thing again..

Ok I found the sloution. I think we got busted so remove everything that has to do with removing ads.

Removing spotify entries from hosts file fixed the issue for me.

How would I remove these hosts files?


EDIT: Never mind found it, for those that don't know it's in System32/drivers/etc/hosts.


Is it fixed?

Yes, It worked for me. Just delete the Hosts entry for spotify, and restart the Spotify Windows App.
But im not sure if Spotify sets the entry again. Still testing. This works as a workaround for the Moment.

Definitley something to do with the 'hosts' files. Found a link if anyone doesn't know how to reset it.

Really simple, just close and open spotify once you've reset the 'hosts' file.

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