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Spotify app crashes opening any artist and no liked songs showing on mobile

Spotify app crashes opening any artist and no liked songs showing on mobile







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi, while my Spotify works just fine on my Windows 10 laptop, the app recently has been crashing whenever I open up any artist page. That said, I can still play the songs just fine if I search for the song and press play.


In addition, on the app all of my liked songs I saved are now completely gone (but are still saved on desktop version). I have uninstalled the app, logged out and logged back in and still no luck. If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks

Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hey again folks,


We do appreciate adding your votes in this thread!


As we haven't heard back from you with more info about the desktop app crashing when accessing artist pages, we'll be moving this thread back to the Help Boards for now. If you're still experiencing this, let us know in a new thread with all the requested details.


However, we'll be creating a new thread about reports from users experiencing this on the mobile app. If you're also experiencing that, make sure to head here and add your details.


Thanks 🙂

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Cubot King

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I have several issues.
1. Whenever i enter a specific artist page on my phone, the app crahses
2. I cannot add any album to my library, but they do appear in my library if the device is online; any and all albums disapear when in offline mod
3. Sometimes songs randomly consider themselves as not downloaded, but the space of the app doesnt decrease. At the end of this month it was 5.6GB

Edit: The albums DONT appear in online or offline mode







Huawei P10

Operating System

Android 9 Pie


My Question or Issue

Hi! My  android app keep crashing whenever I search for an artist.

I click on the results, the app tries loading artist's info and it crashes. It happens with any artists, but I don't experience issues when searching for an album, song, or playlist.

It does not happen on the webapp, only on my mobile (Android).

I tried to cancel the cache, log out, remove and download the app again but I'm still experiencing the same issue. Thank you for help

Hey @Vlaxi - help's here!


Thanks for trying out those steps already. Do you mind trying a clean reinstall by following the steps as they're listed in this Spotify Answer?


If that doesn't work, could you let us know if you experience the same issue when logging in with another account on the same device?


Thanks - keep us posted!

Thank you Peter! I tried the clean reinstall, deleting the file in the SD
card and now it works!

I have exactly the same problems: artist page crashes every time & my liked songs are invisible. I have emptied caché, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. All the actualizations of the app are up to date.

Plan: Premium / Country: Germany / OS: Android

Since today i have the exact same problem. Happend just a few hours ago.


Android/Nokia 5.1/Germany

I've also noticed this for two weeks.

The clear cache, delete data, and reinstall method they recommend does nothing. As well as the crashing/no likes, I also can't change downloaded songs storage location. I also tried accessing the webplayer via mobile and it also seemed to refuse showing me my likes.


Android 9/LGV30






Samsung Galaxy S9

Operating System

Android Version 10

App Version


My Question or Issue

Every time I try to view any artist on the android app the whole app crashes.

I have tried a clean reinstall and rebooting my phone but nothing works.

Exact same issue here

Have the exact same issue. I brought a Premium sub, and Spotify works just fine on the Desktop app, with no issues whatsoever. But whenever I try the latest app on Google Play, it crashes if I so much as sneeze in the general direction of artists. Very unsatisfying experience for a new user, and nothing officially suggested as a solution to this problem seems to be doing anything to resolve it: cleaning cache, reinstalling with reboot, etc, none of that works.

The only thing that helps is downgrading all the way to version (as suggested on reddit).

I hope this issue will be resolves soon, as ability to stream music on my phone is important to me.


Oukitel K10000 Pro/Android 7.0

Update on the issue: if you guys can find version, try it out. It's slightly older than the current build on Google Play, but it does seem to resolve the problem of not being able to look up artists while preserving the newest UI.

I'm having a very similar problem, I can access my own playlist but if I want to add a song from a specific band it won't open up that playlist. It is annoying, on my computer I am able to access everything just fine. 

I think I found the main culprit for this problem. Had to clear all data on Google Play services, and, as usual for me, disabled all perms for it. After that, even the builds I suggested above crashed as soon as I tried to look up an artist.

But as soon as I enabled perms for access to Phone (as suggested when you first install Spotify, you have to do this in Google Play services), everything went back to working without issue.

Mind you, this won't help with the latest build on Google Play, because I had the same perms enabled back then, and trying to look up an artist still resulted in a crash. But, in case you're having an issue with Spotify crashing, try to update Google Play services to their latest version, enable all the perms, and see if that solves that issue for you.

Its work for me.

Same thing exactly with me, latest version been doing for a month now. Most annoying 

Did you disable all perms on Google Play app or on Spotify app?

Thanks to everyone who have responded.


I have enabled and disabled and nothing still works. Although now going to my liked songs also crashes the app.

Did you remove all perms from Google play or from Spotify?

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