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Spotify can't play this song right now

Spotify can't play this song right now

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(iPhone 6, PC and laptop)

Operating System

(iOS 11,  Windows 10)


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Have a problem where I can't play a specific artist (While She Sleeps) on any of my devices.

My friends can all play them without any problems so it's not my region.

I listen on IOS and desktop using the app. Have tried signing out of everything but it doesn't seem to work on any device.

I've had this problem for a long time and didn't get an answer last time but I would consider switching streaming service if I can't solve it this time

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Weird, usually it's a region issue (but not in your case).

Possibly because it is explicit? , also have u tried reinstalling?


Hope the issue is solved.

Yeah I thought that at first but everyone I know from the same region is able to listen to the artist. I have checked again and for some reason it is now working on my PC without me having to reinstall. I will try reinstalling it on my phone and hopefully it was just corrupt files.

Nope, reinstalled it on my phone and it won't play still.

Yeah idk, hopefully an employee can help you. Must be an issue with your account. 


Do employees reply here or would I have to try and contact them myself?

If they see the thread some employees may reply, but you should email spotify also.


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