Spotify client on windows hangs up during audio device changes on system


Spotify client on windows hangs up during audio device changes on system








Operating System

Windows 7 and Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 This bug appeared in one of the recent updates, before there was not a problem.
The situation is, when spotify is launched on windows, any change to audio devices list on windows, excluding of course device used by spotify, is causing spotify to hang forever. This happens when it play a song, or even when it just sits in the background. For example, I have a PC with 2 soundcards, default device, which spotify uses is connected to external amplifier. Second audio device most of the time is not used, it's onboard realtek hd audio codec, but when I plug anything that uses this second device - a mic, or a headphones, wtihout setting this device as default, then spotify hangs up forever (must use task manager to kill processes). This is very annoying because this pc most of the time is used for playing music, but sometimes I connect some devices to second sounccard (for example a tape recorder, or a fm tuner to make some recordings) and as I said, before that was'nt a problem, only after recent update that started happening.

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I have a quite similar issue with the app on windows 10.


Everytime I switch display from my laptop to an HDMI screen, the application freezes. I can then close it, but it won't start until I restart the computer.


The problem used to occur before but has become systematic lately.