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Spotify closes at the end of a song?

Spotify closes at the end of a song?

Earlier today Spotify was working as usual and then suddenly it just stopped playing music. I went back to my PC and found it had just closed. I opened it and the same thing happened again. There are no error messages and it sometimes plays a few songs before crashing, but it doesn't play for more than a few songs. I tried reinstalling it but it didn't seem to have any effect. I'm not sure what else to try 😕


I have also just discovered that if I open the app on my iPhone and connect to my PC, it causes it the close on the PC. I have never had a problem with it before so this is really weird.

3 Replies

Happening to me too, evidently they broke something in the latest update. Wow, they sure aren't very good at software. I can't believe I pay for this level of service.

Yeah, must be something with the most recent update. Started happening to me too. If I look in the song history it pretends everything from session before it crashed didn't happen either. Very Strange 

It is happening to me too. Suddenly I realize the music is no longer playing, when I look for the spotify player, it is not even open anymore, out of nowhere. Sometimes it happens when the music is still playing, and it stops in the middle. I know that I'm not using the app on my phone, so it's not open in different places. The weirdest thing is that the app closes itself without any apparent problem.

This is really annoying, I hope they fix this problem soon.

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