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Spotify doesn't play any sound at all

Spotify doesn't play any sound at all

Plan: Free

Country: USA


Device: Lenovo G50-80 laptop

Operating System: Windows 10 Home


I'm not sure what caused/changed before this happened, although it might have been an automated update.

Spotify doesn't play any sound at all. I've tried speakers, bluetooth headphones, and normal headphones. Other sound applications work, and the Spotify web player works. I can use the Spotify app as long as the web player is open (which is basically just using the application as a remote for the web player, as far as I know).

Restarting my computer doesn't work, nor does re-installing Spotify.

Yes, the application sound bar in the bottom left is on all the way.

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Hello @MaximusMidnight ! Hope you're doing well. 


Have you confirmed that you're listening on your current device? Sometimes you can have it set another device, and it won't play on your desktop or app. 

Or perhaps it's a problem with the browser. Have you tried using the Web Player on a different browser than your default one?

The final thing I can think of is that some setting in your device is changed. Maybe try resetting sound/audio setting on your desktop and mobile device?


I hope this helped!

1) Yes, I am listening on the correct device.

2) The problem isn't with the web player - the web player works just fine. It's the computer application that has the problem.

Connecting to another device that's using Spotify (that is, listening on my tablet/web player, and then using the computer app as a remote) works. However, using my tablet or the web player as a remote for the desktop app does not work. Does that make any sense?

3) I could not find a way to reset Spotify settings within the application. As stated, I have re-installed multiple times, but it's totally possible there's a separate area where settings are stored; I'm just not sure where that is or how to get to it.

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