Spotify doesn't work with VPN, even connected through a US>US server


Spotify doesn't work with VPN, even connected through a US>US server

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Add VPN support or provide a business case why VPNs are blacklisted.







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@ Stonejudge717uh
I don't know if you are still reading these posts, but there is a solution for your trouble concerning Youtube.
On my phone I use an app called "NewPipe". It works like Youtube, you can suscribe to channels, but it is stored locally. That means your suscription is only on your phone. The creator of the channel won't even see it.
Also you won't see a single ad. Ever.
For Linux there is a similar app called FreeTube, also with private suscription and without ads.
Unfortunately I haven't found a solution for Windows yet.

I used to hate Youtube so much, as there wasn't an alternative that worked for me. Now there are a few and I can only recommend them!

Hope that eases your trouble a bit.




This is because even the subscribers are not Spotify's customers. The add companies and data brokers are.

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Hi there,


Have been listening to some podcasts this morning and had to double take because the program was paused to play some inserted advert (audio ad on a video which is just trash grade implementation anyway), and now I connect to my company VPN to do some work with a podcast playing, and all the content on spotify instantly stops and goes 'content unavailable', for everything in my collection....


A few minutes of messing about with my connection later, restarting, updating and then resorting to searching the internet for this fault, lo and behold, I find the helpful (though sadly all too familiar) resolution to my issue: that 'this is a feature'. 


Great, so my options are find a new employer who doesn't use a VPN for remote working (close to if not actually 0), or find another music app?  Buh bye then.


The number of times that I've experienced behaviour on spotify that I thought for several minutes must be a fault, or me doing something wrong, but after half an hour wasted come to find some excuse for a sentient human explaining that my frustration at not being able to use the product for it's main function is actually just me enjoying a new feature/initiative in ignorance....  There is nothing more condescending to me than the maker of a product telling their paying customers that the thing they presumed they could do (you know, play my content when I want to) and found non-functional, was a feature, and rather than even bothering to explain in any way, just leaving it at that, like a cold bag of vomit to take or leave.....


I spend most of my work day connected to a corporate VPN and I pay for premium because I don't want my content interrupted with adverts?  They decide one day to quietly block those things and effectively render their product un-purchasable?  It doesn't come up and say 'music theft detected, content blocked' it just greys everything out without any explanation?  Leaving paying customers to trawl the internet to find what the actual game at play is.... And the whole spotify response to someone raising this fault isn't even 'ah sorry we've clearly misidentified your usage, let's work to fix that' it's just 'ah we don't officially support X, so any instances of product not working with X is by design'.  Can you imagine the maker of a tangible product saying something as unhelpful and dismissive as: 'Ford don't officially support unpaved roads, so any instances of complete refusal to function on unpaved roads is actually a feature.'


It's not even just region-locked content, all content I can find in all my playlists vanishes when I'm connected to my work network via my company's VPN now?  Is this publishers insisting to spotify that they must, at all costs, prevent aliens from other planets using VPNs and listening to music? (that's being freely broadcast on the airwaves anyway)?  And they're interrupting premium (AKA ad free?) customer's content to play them adverts?  Why do I pay them money for this product again?


I've left spotify 3 times now over their ridiculous insistences about ridiculous things and I'm not going to hang around to see how this one ends up, this is clearly just the kind of anti-consumer, anti-artist, anti-everyone else company they are and I hope more people see them for what they are, go elsewhere and they fail.  Not even throwing a few billion at locking up a few Joe Rogans behind exclusives is going to pressure people to hold their nose and keep paying, good bye for the last time and I hope their good engineers find better employers.