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Spotify exists as an unkillable zombie process on my computer

Spotify exists as an unkillable zombie process on my computer

I have a windows 10 computer and I recently tried to update my spotify, but I'm pretty sure the program simply crashed as it was taking a really long time. I decided to restart spotify, however, the same glitch happened again. I decided to force close the task, but it wasn't open in task manager or my desktop so I couldn't restart it. So what I did was try to delete it using control panel, but it didn't let me because a zombie process was open. So, I downloaded the installer from the spotify website and it couldn't install spotify because a process was already running. At this point, I decided to do a clean wipe of the spotify files from the %appdata% directory, but it turns out I couldn't do that either because the spotify application was still open. I've tried force killing the process from process hacker and process explorer, but I keep being denied from shutting this zombie app down, even after opening the process as an administrator. I genuinely have no idea how to kill this process and clean wipe the spotify files from my computer.

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