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Spotify installer isn't working

Spotify installer isn't working





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Windows 10


The last Spotify version('s setup is not working on my computer.I had a problem about the updater then uninstalled it and deleted its folders.Now i'm trying to install the last version but it's not even opening.How can i fix it?


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Yeah, same here, I uninstalled because I couldn't update due to the non-english named user-folder and now the installation won't even open. Wonder if it's a similar issue...


EDIT: Seems to be the case, as moving the installer into a path with only english characters allows the installer to download the files, though nothing else happens after this. 

I did the same and now the installer is downloading spotify, but at the end when the download is finished the progression window disappears and the installer seems to exit (without any error messages).


How can we fix this?

I have the exact same problem. And none of my folders have non-English names. I am running Windows 8 with the autoupdater turned off due to buggy patches, otherwise my system is pretty standard (set to maximize privacy, though).

Guys i found a solution.It's not working because our computer's name has non-English characters.There is a folder what named as computer's name in Users folder,For example C/Users/Arıkan.I changed its name to ari and it has English characters now and the installer is working now.

No, my computer only has English characters in both comp and folder names.

For me it works again!

I started the Spotify Installer file, after downloading it from the website. Then, while it was downloading, I searched my computer for the file "SpotifyFullSetup". Once found, I started it up and bam: it installed Spotify regularly 🙂


Maybe that helps you too. For more details (since I installed it already a week ago or so) to the file: just google it.



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