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Spotify keeps crashing on login.

Spotify keeps crashing on login.







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Windows 10

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So I just got on my computer after getting home from work today and wanted to listen to music. Spotify was closed and I went to open it and it asked me to login. So I obviously did and it instantly crashed, and when I say instantly I mean it. There is no loading or anything. As soon as I hit enter the app crashes. I have tried at least 20 times to reinstall it, I've googled everything possible and I can't seem to fix it. I was really hoping I could get some help on here. Thank you!

Another Small Edit: I have also tried using CCleaner to clean registry files after uninstalling and reinstalling. I have been trying at this for a couple hours now. 

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Small Edit: I scrolled down and found a similar post and tried everything in that thread as well and to no avail. 

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