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Spotify lowering music volume when im in League of legends

Spotify lowering music volume when im in League of legends






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Windows 10


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Every time i select the league of legends window or im in game, spotify lowers volume, I didnt find anything in League settings and I tried the windows lowering comunication setting, didnt work.

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Hey there, thanks for coming to the Spotify community.

I personally don't play the game League of Legends so I've never experienced this before. Is the volume actually adjusted by Spotify itself (does the volume bar in the Spotify app go down) or do you just hear your volume go down?

If it isn't lowered by Spotify, it might be lowered by a Windows communications feature, which lowers the entire volume on your PC (except for the communications software of course) when it detects communications.

For a possible fix, go to Windows Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound 

On the new window that pops up, head over to the communications tab and select the "Do nothing" option.


I hope this will work for you, but if it doesn't, make sure to come back here so we can find a solution.

Have a good weekend!

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