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Spotify no longer working on desktop

Spotify no longer working on desktop

 Windows 7 desktop.


Go away for a few weeks and come back to a nonfuntioning spotify.  Software doesnt even boot up, just seems to start then give up.  Tried to uninstall from Control panel/programs and that didnt work.  Its like Spotify (apart from the icon) doesnt exist anymore.


Tried deleting all files (appdata etc), reloading the software (twice) rebooting the computer inbetween but still nothing.  Icon is there on the desktop but it does nothing.


Any ideas?




3 Replies

Im getting the same deal, clean reinstalls don't work

Hello? Anybody at  spotify with a solution?

Well, just spoke to spotify technical help who were spectacularly useless.  The emphasis seems to be on the internet connection and not the software itself.  As my machine is custom built, it then got the blame......this is despite spotify working fine for 4 years then just stopping.


Anyhoo, in case this is of any use to anyone:

As i was unable to uninstall from programmes, i deleted all the files from here:

C:\Users\<your pc user name>\AppData\Local\Spotify

Reboot the computer

Disabled my security

Downloaded and reinstalled


(obviously restarted my security)

Lets hope it continues to work.........

Keep on rockin muvvas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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