Spotify play the song only 6 second


Spotify play the song only 6 second







Operating System

Windows 10


Hey i have a littel problem.

When I try to play a song, he plays this song only 6 seconds or even sometimes ganicht and says only: "This song is currently not available" I've already tried to reinstall Spotify that just made it worse. After I reinstalled it says for example that I do not have more songs in my playlists or in the official spotify playlists.


This problem that the songs only 6 seconds were played there was already a few months ago. The solution that was proposed as I have already tried out. (I mean where to go to the notepad and then change something under the host file, but my problem was that spotify had not even entered the host yet) fals you have any questions just write I try the best possible to answer.


Edit: The songs are back but now i have again the problem with this 6 second mark


Sincerely, Marvin



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