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Spotify problems on windows 10


Spotify problems on windows 10



It started as me realizing that spotify was opening on the startup of my computer for no apparent reason mainly as i never truly had an interest in spotify and never downloaded it or created an account for it.


Earlier today i kind of got tired of having  to close it everytime and decided to uninstall it, which i wasnt able to to. The official file that task manager would bring me to from spotify was located in windows app and apparently i needed a SYSTEM autorisation to access such a file. So i guessed that maybe spotify was included in windows 10 and i simply never realized it cause im dumb. ( keep in mind that for all i know, i could have downloaded it while being drunk one night and thats that )


I then went to my next solution that was control pannel. Via there you can uninstall most application and thought it would be an easy fix for my issue. Apparently not as spotify wasnt listed as an application that was on my computer. ( weird enough )


I then saw online that i could simply uninstall it from the app itself so i rebooted my computer and tried to create an account for it ( as i dont remember ever doing so in the past ) but when i entered my mail it said that an account was already existing under that mail. After a quick password reset for that weird ghost account i simply deleted the account and created a new one i felt safer using. ( as i knew what or who created it )


Now that i created a new account and changed it so that spotify wont open on startup i still wonder how the **bleep** do i uninstall it ? its not something i plan to use at all and i dont even know why its on my computer to start with. The only place i saw it listen as downloaded on my account was in the Microsoft store which simply said that it was currently downloaded but didnt offer an option to uninstall ( or i simply dont know how to do it )


In the end, im stuck with this spotify that i cant uninstall from anywhere and that isnt listed as an application on my computer in control pannel.


Please help me, this is genuily scaring me.


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Hey @ShyGuy123 


There's a video on YouTube that shows you how to uninstall Spotify from the Apps and Features. Here's the link


Let me know if this works out!


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Hi @ShyGuy123 Welcome to the Spotify Community!


You must be signed in as the Adminstrator inorder to unistall Spotify, if you aren't signed in you can right click on the control panel and run as adminstrator and then uninstall Spotify the same way as you would normally uninstall a program. 


If that doesn't work then try deleting the %Appdata% for Spotify and that should also remove Spotify from your computer. To do this type in "%appdata%", without the quotation marks, and then locate the Spotify file and delete the Spotify file. Make sure that you have your appdata unhidden, to do this click on your C: drive then on the top left click on organize. In that category click on "Folder and search options" and then a new page will open up. Click on view and then under "Files and Folders" click on "Hidden files and folders" and click show "hidden files"


Let me know how it goes!


i deleted the appdata but theres this file i cant seem to get rid off. ''SpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic_zpdnekdrzrea0''


Its located in appdata - local - packages

Hello! Apart from that folder... Is Spotify still in your computer? Can you open the program? Also, what happens when you try to delete that folder?

Keep me posted, Jose 🙂
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it is still considered ''downloaded'' if i check for it in my microsoft store library. Sadly there is no uninstall button to be found there.


If i search for it in the windows research bar at the button left of my screen it only gives me two results being microsoft store spotify and the search online option.

I forgot to include this in my previous reply sorry

I do not seem to be able to open it as it isnt ''downloaded'' since it only gives me the two previously mentionned options

Have you also deleted the ones in the Roaming file?

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Hey @ShyGuy123 


There's a video on YouTube that shows you how to uninstall Spotify from the Apps and Features. Here's the link


Let me know if this works out!


thanks you so much it did work and is now uninstalled !

Woohoo!!! I'm glad it worked out! 


Happy Listening


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