Spotify randomly plays on other device


Spotify randomly plays on other device

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Hi, since one or two days Spotify randomly starts playing on my phone when I'm on the same network for both. 


What happens is this:

1. Start playing song on windows 10 Spotify application.

2. After a random amount the song also starts playing on my phone at the same time.

3. Both devices play the music.

4. Sometimes it then stops on my pc, other times it just keeps playing.


PC: windows 10 x64 + (creators update)

Phone: Samsung Note 4 (Android 6 + latest patches)

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Having the same issue. Very troublesome at work.


Mac OSX (Latest)

Samsung Galaxy S6 / Android 6.0.1



Same issue, has been happening for quite a while (a couple months).


PC: Windows 10

Phone: OnePlus 3 - Android 7.1.1


Same issue for the last month.  Its getting troublesome at work when it goes from my computer headphones and starts blasting off my cell phone.  


Windows 10 / Samsung S6


Same thing started happening to me recently. Galaxy S7, Windows 10 desktop.

Sometimes my pocket will suddenly start playing the song that I'm listening to on my desktop, or some other song from a playlist.


It just happened again. I was listening to a song on my desktop, then it suddenly started playing on my phone. I hit stop on my phone. I then hit play on my desktop again, and the song played on my phone immediately. The "Devices" window on my desktop player shoes "LISTENING ON This Computer", yet the sound comes from my phone. My phone is listed as "Unavailable for listening on" even though that's where the music is playing from.

What is going on? It only started maybe a week or two ago.


Happening to me too. In addition to it happening while I play music, it will also randomly unpause music after ~30 minutes sometimes and start playing on my phone, computer, or receiver.


im having the same problem, win 10, S6 and a samsung tablet.


maybe coicidentally i connected spotfiy to facebook and also started sharing my activity on Spotify about a week ago...and since then ive been having this problem.


i just turned both those off and it seems to have stopped.

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I have never used any of the social options in spotify, so that would be
either unrelated or an additional reason.


Same issue here. If this keeps up I'm canceling my premium because I can't have my watch or phone randomly blasting music while I'm at work.


MacOS 10.12.4

Samsung Frontier

Samsung Note 4


I've never used any of the social features on spotify.

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Same Issue for me, One Plus 3 (Android 7.1.1) and Windows 10 (home) and 8.1 (work).
Since it happens mostly at work this is a real bummer 😞
I am using and Facebook.

At least its not specific to One Plus it seems.