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Spotify randomly switches from Desktop to Phone

Spotify randomly switches from Desktop to Phone

Sometimes when my PC and my phone are on the same network and I'm listening to music on my PC at work for example, suddenly Spotify randomly stops playing and starts playing on my phone through speakers, which is really annoying.

Is there any way to prevent this?

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I also have this and this is super annoying. 


Latest Spotify Premium for Desktop Windows

Latest Spotify app for Android 7 (OnePlus 3)

Same here, very annoying!

This has been reported for over a month.  How are we still dealing with this **bleep**!?


I just started noticing this happen to me today. I'll be listening on my PC with a couple text editors open and it switches to playing on my phone which has been sitting locked, untouched, and silent on my desk. It seems to do it at random times. It's done it 2 or 3 times now between my Windows 8.1 desktop and Galaxy S5.

Also have this problem. On Windows 10 and Android 6.0

Just started happening with me as well. 


Windows 10 pc, Android phone

Hey I sorta figured out my problem when it was switching from my Alcatel phone to my Pc and vice versa. 1.) Try disabling bluetooth from your phone and if that doesn't work just try logging out from your phone and log back in. 2.) If there's still problems with it switching up you might wanna reinstall the app itself. Hope this helps!

That is not a good solution. The solution must come from the developers fixing the bug. It happens to me 2-3 times a day. Windows 10, Android 7, Premium account, everything up to date.

This happens to me as well 


Desktop: Ubuntu 16.04

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7

Same exact problem with a Note 5. I tried turning off my bluetooth which I hope fixes the issue. I've never had this issue before. me as well.  This has been happening for a few weeks.  Is there a fix yet?

Have the same problem, and its super annoying cuz it happens at work, from Headphones on my desctop it starts playing aloud on my phone!

Windows 10

Android 7.0 Sony Xperia Z5
Spotify Version: armV7

There have been more reports, see this thread as well. Maybe if we all report the issue in separate threads, they will notice this? I am going to create my own thread now.

See, they haven't been able to reproduce the bug but there should be a fix in the upcoming release 8.4.1

Thanks for the link hansp21. Saved me time from contacting them.

Seems like they don't even know if the update will fix it. I really hope it does.

I play music in the background whilst gaming and it's extremely annoying and inconvienant to alt tab mid game to make it play through my pc again.

Thank you!  is there a guesstimate release date yet?


Let's fix this please! Poltergeist vibes are unnecessary, it's not even October.

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