Spotify replaces Songs with local files


Spotify replaces Songs with local files


Hi! Ever since I added a song called 'Try not to love everything you destroy' from An Autumn for crippled children, their song 'Try not to destroy everything you love' has been replaced and I can't open the right version. (For Understanding: the original song starts with a dialogue.)


Tnt love is from an EP I bought from their bandcamp, then added and poof. The Songs gone. On my friends device - still there. The issue appears on my PC (Win 7), my smartphone, everywhere.


Tried to rename the local file - nothing.

Moved it - still nope.


What am I supposed to do now!?



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Re: Spotify replaces Songs with local files


i'm having a similar issue on osx 10.12.6, spotify version the track is iodthc by baywitch. i don't have a local file with the same name, but i did at one point and that's the version that plays. i have no idea how spotify mapped that old file to this track. playing the song on other devices works fine (i.e. plays the correct, released version). i've unchecked both "local files" options in settings, and uninstalled and reinstalled spotify, but nothing seems to work. please advise.