Spotify resets cache folder to C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage since last update


Spotify resets cache folder to C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage since last update



Spotify resets cache to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage every time I log in since last update


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. I've upgraded to last version (

2. App restarted and  I logged in

3. I got the message "Offline access for this computer/device has been withdrawn"

4. Restarted the computer - that was the advice on one of this forum threads to solve the issue

5. After I logged in again I had no message and available offline option was on and working

6. I've then noticed in preferences that the cahe location was reset to C:\Users\MYUSER\Appdata\Local\Spotify\Storage

7. Changed the cache back to the previous folder (on 😧 partition) and saved some songs from a playlist offline

8. After I restarted the app I had no message but when I got into preferences I could see that the cache folder was reset to the default one C:\Users\MYUSER\Appdata\Local\Spotify\Storage

9. I thought that maybe there is a problem with the old cache files so I've deleted everything from the old cache folder

10. Change the cache folder in preferences again to the one on 😧 partition

10. I saved a few songs from a playlist offline (I can see the folders and files saved on the folder on 😧 partition)

11. After restart I checked preferences again and could see that the cache folder was reseted again to the default one

12. Changed it once more to the folder on 😧

13. After restart i get the message "Offline access for this computer/device has been withdrawn" again and the cache folder is reset to the default one.


What I expected to happen

teh cache folder to be changed to the one I set.


What actually happened

Cache folder resets


My Operating System

Windows 7 Pro


Is your Operating System 32 or 64 bit?



Do you have a Service Pack installed?



My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

I don't know the provider ut I know it uses the BT lines, UK


Did you do a clean install of your current Windows version or did you upgrade from a previous version?

Clean install


My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?




This happened on the 1st/main computer I use Spotify

I have it on 2 more deveces: an android phone (where I had not upgraded the app to the 15th of April release) and have no issue and on a win8 pc.

I also had it installed to a different pc until February 2013 but unnistalled it after I've changed it to the win8 one.



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Casual Listener

Looks like people have reported this in the 0.9.0 patchnotes thread, but Spotify havn't confirmed the bug YET. 


From the patchnotes: 

  • Fixed: We’ve dealt with a bug that caused cache issues between restarts. Get ready for much faster start-up times. 

So much faster load times by reseting the cache location to a place where your music isn't. Well I guess that would increase load times, but perhaps decrease subsriber numbers? My SSD is already full to bursting, the last thing I need is to have to move my Spotify cache over to my SSD. 


Yep this annoyed the hell out of me too, had to first realise what was going on then resynch my playlists, again !  i want my cache, where I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!   not on a drive with limited space !!!!!!!!!!!

Another so called update, another HUGE step back, this Spotify service is really trying to kick off all its members, it looks awful, browses terribly , and responds even worse, please please go back about 5 updates, this sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys, this has now been confirmed as a bug here. We know it's a big problem for a lot of users and we'll hopefully have it fixed in no time. Bear with us.


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Any news ? my cache keeps moving, so im downloading 70 gb every day..




I am having this same problem.. 


I set my Song Stotage Location to an external hard disk..


But it resets to the default. Any ideas on a fix as this still is happening and its 2017??


Many thanks.