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Spotify search won't let me play any songs while I'm on my computer

Spotify search won't let me play any songs while I'm on my computer







Operating System

Windows 10 Enterprise


My Question or Issue

 If I try and search for a song, it refuses to play. The button appears off to the side, and pressing the play button results in nothing but a symbol of a spotify record appearing where the album art would appear. Attempting to skip forwards in the song does not work, but it still registers as having a song selected.

After a while, the album art may pop in for the search results, but still the song will not play.

Attempting to access the album by clicking on the song/album/playlist warrants nothing. I stay on the search results page.


As far as I'm aware, my playlists work fine, bar one problem; The tabs for opening and closing folders are also broken for playlists.

If I search for an artist, I can at least open up their specific artist page, but I still can't play their songs.


I haven't the foggiest what's causing this issue, but it's rendering the entire program unusable for my computer


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I'm having the same ISSUE! half the songs won't play anymore.

check your hosts file (should be located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ) and remove anything with "spotify" in the url from said file. you will receive advertisements if you do not have premium, but there are third party ad blockers if you google around

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