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Spotify skipping nearly every song

Spotify skipping nearly every song







Operating System

Windows 10


Most songs start playing for a few minues, then get skipped before they end. I've been using Spotify for several months and I've never had this issue. Also since this morning, I have to manually select "This Computer" device when I open the app, because it selects chrome player by default and the songs play but I don't hear anything. I have no idea what this web player thing is and I can't seem to remove it from attached devices

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Hello @Pask24. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!

This is definitely a bit of a strange one, but we'll try to figure it out together.


The Spotify Web Player is a legitimate way to use Spotify via in a compatible web browser, such as Chrome, which can be useful for situations where you may not be able to install the Spotify desktop app, such as a work computer. If you've ever signed into the Spotify Web player in Chrome, this may be why you're seeing another device as the default when playing songs.


Not to worry though, as we should be able to fix that by having you use the Sign Out Everywhere button from the page. You will need to sign in on your computer again, however, you'll be signed out of any other locations or apps so you shouldn't see other devices to select for playback.


Let me know if this helps, and keep on rocking! 🎸

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