Spotify social changes

Spotify social changes




I was out of the country for a month or so on business and have come back to find Spotify has changed the way they deal with social. I'm sure I'll get used to it and I imagine some people have already aired their views on this topic, so I'm not about to go off on an ill concieved rant, I was just hoping somebody could help me out a bit in teaching me how to use the new spotify social the way it is presumably meant to be used.


I used to have a list of my facebook friends on the right hand side of Spotify and I could click on their names to see their profiles and access their playlists. How do I find my friends using the new spotify social?


I used to see spotify activity from all my facebook friends in the right hand side. This helped me with music discovery.So in effect I was "following" everyone I knew on facebook. I actually quite liked this arrangement, so is there any way to re-follow everyone?


Lastly, and kind of related. Spotify gives me suggestions of who to follow just above my activity panel. How do I find people to follow that spotify does not suggest?


Any help would be appreciated.





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Hey 🙂 


I did my best to write a summary of the changes as well as links to relevant ideas topics suggesting changes over in this thread when the changes first came out. 



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