Spotify songs wont play at all on desktop app

Spotify songs wont play at all on desktop app


Hello people, i got an issue with the spotify desktop app thats been going on for quite a while now and i'm really looking forward to fix it. Been trying to uninstall it the usual way using windows 10 uninstaller and lately i even tried to use Revo Uninstaller to fully delete all the files that might cause trouble, yet it still doesnt work.


Main issue is that no songs will ever be played for some reason, it does work fine with the mobile version, the web version aswell, but somehow the desktop app cant be used.

desktop app :
web app :


My library is like fully empty, and i cant even use the searchbar  to play songs cuz they wont be played anyway :

*as u can see the music should be playing but i get no sound, nor the animations like timebar that should be triggered when i play a song.


I could fix this issues by voluntary downloading an older version of spotify but the problem is that i get auto updated whenever i start my computer which means i have to download the older version again.


Further informations could be delivered like : for some reason discord does not seem to recognize when i'm playing a song on the desktop app, but somehow it does when i'm playing it on the web app.


Not sure if those informations were of any use for you, but i really hope someone can help me because i've been trying to fix it for few months now

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any helpers ?


Hey there @Merkoi,

Thanks for reaching out! No worries, we're here to help.

Usually a reinstall can solve such issues, so great job for trying out this first. Using the Windows 10 uninstaller and third party software might however still leave leftover files.

Could you give it another go using the steps for a clean reinstall listed here? It's a good idea to also check your hosts file for entries that need to be removed.

If that doesn't do the trick, try using both the app version from the MicrosoftStore as well as the one from our website. Let us know if the issue still comes up with both of them.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted on your progress.

Have a great day! 


have the same problem as him, i was wondering how i am able to save the file (i changed a couple entries in the host file) and cannot save it. It says i do not have permission to save the file and also when i save the file, it is a notepad file, not the file type which the original file was 

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