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Spotify starts slow & searches slow

Spotify starts slow & searches slow








Operating System

 Windows 10


My Question or Issue




This is a complaint and I would like a response from a staffer.


I have the same issue as here:


The post is marked as "solved" but I do not regard it as such. Going to AppData/Local/Spotify and deleting the contents of the folders every two weeks is not a good solution. I'm a happy customer otherwise but this problem has evidently been known since 2014. Please fix it. If you have a better solution please let me know. Otherwise please tell your superiors and tech that this is a recurring and not solved issue.


Thank you.

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Hey there @asdfcvbasdf,

Thanks for posting, we're happy to help you out with this one.

Have you already tried a clean reinstall of the app? You can find the necessary steps here.


If the issue persists, you could also try both the version from our website as well as the one from the Windows App Store to see which one runs better.


If both apps run slow again, you should contact our Customer Support team. The folks there would be more than happy to take a look at your account backstage.

Hope this helps! Stay safe and have an awesome day 🙂

Mario Moderator
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I have the same problem. Spotify used to be slow when it was running for some time for example. Restart could solve this. For the past few weeks it's slow all the time. Searching for songs in playlist with thousands of songs can take up to ten seconds. Adding songs from albums can take up to a minute. I even uninstalled Windows client and tried to install client from Windows Store, same problem. Don't know what you did with the client but you obviously did something. My HW is still the same.HW acceleration on or off, no difference.

I FIGURED IT OUT, i had the same issue and i was able to solve it by doing this
step 1: go into options
step 2: go to the local files setting and turn it ON
step 3: deactivate the options on there
and then it should stop taking minutes to load searches

This appears to have worked for me too!!!!!!





Cheers for a quick and simple fix!

i'm an audiophile, thats about it

Me too.  Been driving me crazy.  Thanks!

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