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Spotify stops playing after one song


Spotify stops playing after one song

Casual Listener

Lately, my Spotify app has stopped playing after (usually) one song. It completely shuts down; it can't even be found as a "background process" when I open my task manager and I have to restart the program completely.

Additional info:

  • This happens whether it is running in the background, minimized, or not. The only time it keeps working, is when I'm actively browsing the Spotify libraries.
  • I am using a Premium account.
  • My computer runs on Windows 10.
  • It occurs when it's playing from the Spotify library; I don't usually play localised files.

This appears to be a problem for a lot of people, but I haven't found a sollution yet in any of the forums. The issues are always a little bit different from mine, e.g. those who have the problem when playing localised files.

Can this issue be resolved?

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Re: Spotify stops playing after one song


I had this exact same issue, past few days it just started shutting down after one song. I have re-installed the desktop player today & it now appears to be working again, 6 songs in & still working.