Spotify stops playing when theres an upcoming commercial ( PC )


Spotify stops playing when theres an upcoming commercial ( PC )








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Windows 10

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hey there,

i was starting a playlist for myself. i have another playlist that im browsing through pretty fast listening to like 20 seconds 2 times in the same track. after a good amount of songs that i skipped and where i added some to my playlist everything stops. its prolly some commercials being played, but the commercials dont play at all. i cant resume listening since pressing pause/play doesnt do anything. sometimes (if im lucky) i have a commercial break that fully plays and i can continue listening. but even then, when the next commercial comes its stuck again. im not talking about spotify freezing its just that i cant play anything anymore without restarting the program.


i googled like everything that i can think of. i did a "fresh resintall", i deleted the stuff from the appdata/user/xxx that was recommended, i tried administrator launching spotify, logging out and back in, nothing helped. as soon as i close spotify and restart it, im good again for a bunch of tracks after i either get working commercials and continue for some time until it stops, or it stops when the next set of commercials should be played.


im out of ideas, i just wanna fill my playlist pretty fast, since i know a lot of the songs already and just have to listen for a couple seconds to decide if it fits. i hope somebody got a solution for that... 😞